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The L Word is an American-Canadian co-production television drama series portraying the lives of a group of lesbians and their friends, connections, family, and lovers in the trendy Greater Los AngelesCalifornia city of West Hollywood. The series originally ran on Showtime from January 18, to March 8,and subsequently in syndication on Logo and through on-demand services. On July 11,it was announced a sequel season was in the works with Showtime. The pilot episode premiered on January 18, The original five-year run ended with the series finale's airing on Who is shane from the l word hookup 8, The studio was once owned by and named for Dufferin Gate Productions, the sister company to Temple Street Productionsthe Canadian producer of the U.

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The original code-name for the project was Earthlingsa rarely-used slang term for lesbians. Contemporary use of the phrase "the L word" as an alias for lesbian dates to at least the play My Blue Heaven by Jane Chambersin which a character stammers out: Lord God, I never met one before.

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Historical use of "the L word" as code language can also be found in the sentence of a letter written [ when? Season 1 premiered in the United States on January 18,on Showtime and featured 13 episodes presenting several entwined story lines. Set in West Hollywoodthe series first introduces Bette Porter and Tina Kennarda couple with a seven-year relationship who want to have a child.

Tina eventually becomes pregnant through artificial insemination but has a miscarriage during episode 1. Later in the series, Bette develops an affair with Candace Jewell. Marina relentlessly pursues Jenny and succeeds in destroying her relationship with Tim.

The season also introduces Shane McCutcheonan androgynous, highly sexual hairstylist and serial heart-breaker; Alice Pieszeckia girly, bisexual journalist looking for love in any way she can, and Dana Fairbanksa professional tennis player who is still in the closet and torn between pursuing her career and finding love.

In the first season, Dana falls for a sous chef named Lara Perkins whose sexuality is questioned by the group until Lara has an unexpected meeting with Dana in the locker room. At the end of the season, Tina sees Bette and Candace touching hands and speaking intimately and immediately guesses about their affair.

Tina and Bette break up, with Tina living at Alice's and Bette stays in their home. Season 2 began airing on Showtime on February 20, and featured thirteen episodes. It starts by unveiling to the viewers a secret Tina is keeping from everyone: Tina and Bette are still apart. Bette doesn't deny the affair and begs Tina for forgiveness but later alienates herself from the group and continues the affair for a short while until realizing that it's Tina she wants to spend her life with not Candace and so ends their short affair.

L'Chaimand being fired during the season finale.

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Tina and Bette reconcile during the final episode. The character of Marina was written out of the show, and the Planet was bought by Kit Porter.

Introduced in the second season are Carmen de la Pica Moralesa confident DJ who becomes part of a love triangle with Shane and Jenny; Helena Peabodythe daughter of a wealthy supporter of the arts who later becomes Tina's love interest; and Mark Waylanda documentary filmmaker who moves in with Shane and Jenny.

Shane McCutcheon is a fictional...

Mark makes them part of his latest documentary by setting up hidden cameras in the house to videotape them. Season 2 introduces a developing affair between Alice and Dana, which becomes public in episode 2.

Loud and Proudand reveals episodes of self-harm that reach their climax in the season finale. The television show set up contest at the website FanLib. The winner's story was incorporated into a scene of a third-season episode. Season 3 first aired on January 8,with 12 episodes. It begins six months after the birth of Tina and Bette's daughter, Angelica.

Erin Daniels' character Dana Fairbanks starts in a multi-episode storyline dealing with a breast cancer battle and culminating with her death. Notable of this season Who is shane from the l word hookup that each episode begins with a short pre-credits vignette of two individuals meeting romantically or sexually.

As the season progresses, lines from Alice's chart see below connect one member of each vignette with a new individual in the next.

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Helena's character storyline was switched from being Bette's rival into a new member of the circle of friends. Her story arc for the season involves the acquisition of a movie studio [12] in which Tina later works, [13] and which further derives a sexual harassment lawsuit [14] that triggers her mother to cut her off financially in the season finale. Sarah Shahi's character, Carmen, ends her appearance in the show in the finale when Shane leaves her at the altar.

Showtime announced renewal of the series, in a Who is shane from the l word hookup 2,press release: The season premiere of the fourth season, Legend in the Makingfirst aired on January 7, Showtime picked up a fifth season of The L Word for 12 episodes, touting the show as "a signature franchise among our viewers".

Production began in Vancouver the summer of and ended in Los Angeles early November French played Niki Stevensan ambitious young actress and closeted lesbian who won the lead role of Jenny's character, Jesse, in the feature film production of 'Lez Girls'. She also began having a relationship with Jenny, who was directing the film.

Elizabeth Keener joined the show as entrepreneur Dawn Denbo, who started a rival lesbian bar with her lover Cindi.

Showtime confirmed a sixth and final season for The L Word. Unlike the show's previous seasons, it only lasted 8 episodes to conclude the show with 71 episodes in total.

Studio executives commented on the longevity of the show, with the Showtime president of entertainment Robert Greenblatt saying that The L Word has "surpassed its niche as a gay show". The sixth season premiered on January 18, and ended its original run on March 8 of the same year.

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The main story of the season is related to the death of Jennifer Schecter and the rest of the season is a flashback from that point. Before Who is shane from the l word hookup the show, Creator Ilene Chaiken denied reports of socialite Paris Hilton guest starring on an interview on gaydarnation. Shortly after airing the final episode, Showtime began releasing short videos in which characters revealed secrets that weren't revealed during the course of the show.

Each video showed the interrogation of one character with a new video being released each Monday after the final episode via the Showtime website. At some point in time Showtime's website ceased carrying the videos, but they can be found on YouTube.

Marybeth Duffy and Sean Tyson as Det. Sean Holden who are investigating the death of Jenny Schecter. Ilene Chaiken and the cast have commented on different theories about Jenny's death. Series creator Ilene Chaiken wrote and produced a minute presentation for a possible spin-off centering on another lesbian group in a women's Who is shane from the l word hookup where Leisha Hailey 's character Alice Pieszecki is detained. Chaiken has expressed interest in producing a film based on the series in an interview aired through The L Word' s website, although according to her declarations, it probably would not emphasize any of the unresolved plot lines of the show and would simply continue the story of the characters' friendships.

No official proposals or green-lighting related to an L Word film have been publicized.

The L Word is an...

The reality series followed the lives of six lesbians in Los Angeles. In an interview for the new series, Chaiken revealed Alice did not kill Jenny in the original series. The music composer of the show is EZgirl. The music supervisor is Natasha Duprey. All three of Leisha Hailey 's bands have been referenced in the series. A song by The MurmursHailey's first band, was used in a first-season episode and included on that season's soundtrack.

During the second season, the character Shane is sometimes seen wearing a T-shirt for GushHailey's second band. Songs of Hailey's most recent band, Uh Huh Herwere featured during the show's fifth and sixth seasons; the character Tasha Williams is seen wearing an Uh Huh Her T-shirt during the sixth season.

The Chart is a recurrent element in the show's Who is shane from the l word hookup, especially those related to its creator within the series.

Within the series, The Chart evolves into an internet social network hosting profiles and provides the introduction for the character of Papi in Episode 4. Legend in the Making.

At the same time, a real-world parallel project OurChart. The show's first season was "broadcast to critical acclaim and instant popularity"; as an article from The New York Times pointed out: Co-creator and executive producer Ilene Chaiken had some issues with the reaction: While the show is seen as fulfilling lesbians' "obvious and modest representational need" [41] or even the "ferocious desire not only to be seen in some literal sense Unlike its network predecessor Queer as Folkpraised critically for its ground-breaking material that was both well-written and well-acted, there have been complaints from critics regarding The L Word' s watered-down, unrealistically glamorous characters and melodrama.

Some reviewers and fans are put off by the theme song introduced in the second season and the "graceless, clunky dialogue". By the time the sixth and final season began, The New York Times was calling the show a " Sapphic Playboy fantasia " that has "shown little Who is shane from the l word hookup in variegating portrayals of gay experience.

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Instead it has seemed to work almost single-mindedly to counter the notion of " lesbian bed death " and repeatedly remind the viewer of the "limits and tortures of monogamy" while "never align[ing] itself with the traditionalist ambitions [for same-sex marriage ] of a large faction of the gay rights movement". In the second season, Ossie Davis received a posthumous Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a drama series in recognition of his portrayal of the father of Bette and Kit Porter.

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Will Bette and Tina stay/get...

British Columbia Film Commission. Archived at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved 18 June Now I'm totally over the Shane type — JK I would still low-key hook up with her in a heartbeat.

That's the dangerous charm of the Shane type. Will Bette and Tina stay/get back together?

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