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Adultery erotic stories

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I shouldn't have, but I did My wife and I Adultery erotic stories at work. We hooked up at a work function and eventually dated, it progressed to marriage.

We even worked in the same department of a large company.

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So we basically spent every waking hour together. A year or so into our marriage a good looking girl started in a department close to ours. I have always had a wandering eye, and I couldn't help looking at her, even though my wife was nearby. This went on for quite some time, she was fully aware Adultery erotic stories my wife being around, and I got the feeling that the smiles and eye-fucking was turning her on top.

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My suspicions were confirmed when she started to wear sexier outfits to work. We never spoke, but that made it an even bigger turn on for me. I noticed her coming the other way.

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I made a quick decision to open the first aid room door i was walking past, and closed the door. Sure enough, a few seconds later the door opened and she entered, closing the door behind her and standing in front Adultery erotic stories me, not saying a word.

The eye fucking continued.

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I looked her up and down, she stood there with an almost slutty smile, biting her lip. I looked her up and down, it was a hot day so as usual, she wasn't wearing much, a skimpy skirt and tight black top.

Without saying a word I pushed her gently against the door and started kissing her. She returned my advances, kissing me back, her hand already rubbing my rock hard cock.

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She then dropped to her knees, taking my cock out of my pants and putting in her mouth. Even though my wife was in the same building I couldn't control myself. I lifted her up and put her down on the first aid table. She was so wet, we both knew where this was going. She moaned as I worked my hard, throbbing cock deeper inside her. She came Adultery erotic stories all over my cock, telling me to fuck her deeper and deeper, I could only oblige.

Adultery erotic stories tasted it all, licking the rest off the end of my cock. Once finished, she looked up at me and smiled, re-clothed and walked out without saying a word.

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