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How to know if someone is cheating on you

18+ Galleries How to know if someone is cheating on you.
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My boyfriend has been acting strange lately. Something just seems really off.

I am worried that he is cheating. What are the signs? How would I know?

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I am a big believer in trusting your gut. If something feels off, you should listen to that. In the olden days, a cheating person had to worry about their mistress or mister calling their house on a family landline phone, or being caught at the neighborhood bar without their wedding ring.

But times have changed, and the signs of cheating have changed, too. The number one giveaway is technology. A partner who is protective about their phone is a red flag, especially if this is new behavior.

If your boyfriend is on his phone a lot, and hiding it from you, you may have a problem. And if you think that would be super obvious, well the bad news is cheaters can suddenly become very tech-savvy.

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In this day and age, the technologically advanced cheater is likely to have apps that hide contact with their side piece. Some Apps that range from seemingly benign to oh shit, are: So, look for changing phone habits, and if you happen to see a flurry of new apps on his home screen, ask some questions. A passenger seat that has been adjusted to a new setting can indicate that someone else has been riding shotgun in your place.

He had lost weight, started going to the gym; he changed his hairstyle and his dressings style. When she told me, my heart sunk.

Unfortunately, science can't tell you...

My worst fears were realized when she uncovered that he had, in fact, been having an affair. Significant changes in appearance can be a leading indicator of an affair. If your partner, who used to love when you did his laundry, or shared in laundry duties with you, suddenly wants to take over doing his own wash, you just may have a problem.

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Same thing with new bathing habits. The partner that suddenly is racing to the shower after getting home from work is concerning. Our tastes tend to be influenced by people, especially romantic relationships, when we spend a lot of time with them.

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The same goes for our vocabulary. We tend to absorb the phrases and expressions of those we spend a lot of time with. If you have noticed a lot of new vocabulary from your partner, you may want to ask about it.

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The same goes for interests. When we are romantically involved with someone, they become our primary person.

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If you notice that your partner no longer tells you about his day, shares his struggles or talks to you about things that are important to him you have a problem.

Connection is key in a relationship and either not having that connection, or that focus going to someone else, is a problem.

The most common and obvious...

Changes in sexual frequency, technique or intensity can also give you valuable information. It is not just having less sex, believe it or not, sometimes cheaters actually initiate it more.

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