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Ali bakri

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My love and passion was there from a very young age, and the more it grew, the more cooking food grew with me. I used to always help my mother and father whenever we have a big feast Ali bakri made me love cooking from day one.

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Homemade Mulokheya and Vine Leaves, because although I am in a different country now, I Ali bakri remember the smell and taste of the dish since I was a kid and the fresh ingredients put into it.

In the kitchen there is certain and specific recipes that I have to follow and being a Sous Chef, I have to follow and manage these things in my kitchen to keep the standards and consistency.

I also believe that cooking should always be fun and you have to enjoy it and make the best out of it, and make sure you pass that positive Ali bakri and spirit to the food.

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Spend time with my kids and wife, and spending time at the beach with, of course, a little bit of BBQ. Raw Kebbeh Ali bakri Mulokheya and a bit of everything I like so I can enjoy my last meal with my loved ones.

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Why did you first get into cooking? Where were you before you came to Kuwait?

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Describe your favorite dish from your home country. Lemon, garlic and onions.

What is the most important part of a sandwich? How does your personality differ inside and outside the kitchen?

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Arabic literature teacher as I love the language, the history and old Arabic poetry. You might also like.