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Getting into a relationship too fast

FuckBook Base Getting into a relationship too fast.

M y phone buzzed with the familiar cricket tone I used for text messages. My family is Indian, but my parents are less conservative than most. It had only been two days since we had met.

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I wondered if perhaps he was being a little too presumptuous, but then my mind floated off to thoughts of his toned biceps. Wanting to escape the droves of college kids bar hopping on the main drag, we found ourselves at an out-of-the-way Irish dive bar that reeked of stale beer. On stage, an old man with long white hair played the ukulele and sang an Irish ditty.

The place was empty aside from two guys seated at the bar.

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I sat down next to one of the men and gave him a quick once-over from the corner of my eye. The sleeves of his button-down blue shirt were rolled up, revealing tattooed arms.

I have always been a sucker for an inked up guy. After a few drinks, the tattooed stranger and I had become great pals. I caught Brittany giving me the eye. He told me that he held a graduate degree in architecture but found himself unable to find work when the economy nose-dived. He ended up bartending and headed back to school to become an underwater oil driller.

I had paged through issue after issue of Domino magazine, created mood boards and shopped at countless stores to achieve the look.

After we got married was I going to be his sugar mama?

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Was this guy reading my mind? But I was turned on by the danger of underwater drilling and fact that he wanted to ink to people for a living. He sounded better and better. Before we left, he asked for my phone number.

I could already picture my friends back in New York warning me that he was coming on too strong too soon. This was a guy I had known for all of 2 hours. I prefer dogs to cats.

I would take the loud and rambunctious over the quiet and hip. Even if I drown. T he next morning, he texted me as I made my way to the airport. We exchanged witty banter about our favorite bands and teasing each other in the flirty way that makes you involuntarily grin like the Cheshire Cat at all times.

The message glowed with romance.

Like those characters, our Getting into a relationship too fast was instant and intense, and thankfully unlike them, we would not die in an arctic grave. Our love would conquer all. I texted him a photo. My dark hair was wavy and flowing in the wind while a beam of sunlight shone across the picture. Even if he never got around to drawing that portrait, he would certainly have a reminder of why he should come to NYC.

There were many goddesses. Was I Aphrodite the goddess of love or Athena the goddess of war? He called me the next day after work.

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We talked about our goals and dreams and traded stories about our families. He told me of his mother who had died of cancer when he was only I got it after she passed.

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Getting into a relationship too fast I had noticed it; it was creepy. I thought it was one of those tattoos you get on a dare. Or some character from his favorite horror movie. Or one of the paintings from Scooby Doo where the eyes follow you. Three factors THAT are essential in my determination of whether or not a guy and I have any future together.

Do we share similar tastes in music? Is he aware of world events? Does he have an unbridled passion for traveling and discovering new cultures? I had established that he was interested in the first two.

I needed to know about the third. So I asked him about favorite travel spot. In your whole life? I was a bit taken aback with his statement. It almost seemed like a sales pitch delivered way too soon, like a used car dealer desperate to clinch the deal.

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I was hoping at the very least he would have a profile on Linked In that would allow me to see if he really did go to architecture school. But there was nothing.

All I found was a lone Facebook profile which was fully private and which offered no information for my prying eyes.

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I loved the probability of our fantastical love, but now he was taking it too far. With that simple question, he crossed the line from romantic and passionate to deranged and obsessive. I definitely did not miss him.

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As much as I liked being fawned over, a real connection is not about intense adoration. He wanted to rush forward to the good stuff without finding out if we were even compatible.

And on some level I did too, enthralled with the fantasy of a crazy-in-love, over-the-top rock-n-roll romance.

But like a cold bucket of water, reality set in. This guy was moving way too fast.

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Palms sweaty, I summoned up the courage and texted back. I sat on my patio drinking wine and feeling forlorn. I had really hoped it would work. I still wanted that portrait. I loved the impossibility of it; the crazy romance.

The first two couples died, and Tommy gave Pamela hepatitis C before they split up. Maybe if Jack and Rose lived, they would have ended up in a shitty New York walk-up ordering Chinese and arguing over who gets the last dumpling. Maybe Romeo and Juliet would have found themselves arguing where to spend Christmas or which grandparent is going babysit the kids.

Maybe if Tommy and Pamela moved slower, they would still be together enveloped in a haze of sex tapes and Getting into a relationship too fast licking. Ours had been a relationship on speed.

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I Love Youwhen you sign up for Medium. Get updates Get updates. How Jumping In Too Fast Can Make A Relationship Crash & Burn you should probably make sure you mean it and know what you're getting yourself into.

3. Don't date a guy who moves too fast. “You are so cute when you smile,” he said gazing dreamily into my in New York warning me Getting into a relationship too fast he was coming on too strong too soon.