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Blacks are the chosen people of god

xXx Photo Galleries Blacks are the chosen people of god.

When is the last time you saw a picture or painting of Jesus? What did he look like? What kind of hair did he have and how long was it? What was the color of his skin? For too many centuries Christianity has held tightly to the Euro-Jesus.

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The white skinned, blonde haired, blues eyes Jesus. Where Christianity has spread throughout the world, racism has all too often followed closely behind. Few ethnic groups can claim foul from this cultural aftershock more than our black brethren.

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We may say "Well they're just paintings, it's not a big deal. What message does it send and what impression does it give children around the world about their messiah when they see him being "owned" by a certain race and bound to a strictly-enforced racial profile? This is not an unexplained phenomenon. Since the days of the Roman Empire, Christianity has changed from a humble Jewish following of a man preaching loving foreigners and people of all backgrounds into an ethnocentric pyramid, where white men sit at the top holding an icon of a white God.

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Christianity has even at times become less of a religion and more of a political statement which says, "God is white! So accept our dominance on earth as well…".

While it is impossible to prove what colour Jesus was unless we unearthed a year old Polaroid photograph of the famous rabbi we have to be open to the possibility that he may have not only have been a man of color. He may have been a black man. When presented with the theory that their saviour was black white Christians often say, "He may not have been white, but he definitely wasn't black!

But why couldn't it be possible? The Bible says that black people lived among the Israelite ranks.

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As I meticulously explain in my book, this same black bride could have been Jesus' ancestral grandmother. This detail alone leaves open the possibility that Jesus may have been black.