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Where to find prostitutes in lusaka

Naked Gallery Where to find prostitutes in lusaka.

The red light district has become virtual.

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You can no longer deny it, sex networks on Facebook and WhatsApp groups have now become a growing trend in Zambia. Some of these groups are run by women or sex-connectors who act as pimps, linking young women to men willing to pay for sex.

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One group has as many as 3, members. On Facebook, the agents freely advertise their service. Another girl from Kaunda Square posted: You only need to have a K for a room then I tell you what I want, not money.

Try me, I get to give you sex and you need to give me something in return, not money. And one more thing, I am not a sugar mummy or rich, I am just looking for extra sex and not from a rich person but a simple guy from the compound, not someone who loves money but who is a sex addict like me.

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When asked if they could arrange a year-old girl, all the agents contacted said they could. One of the agents contacted, whose identity cannot be revealed, but who we refer to as Jean, arranged a student from NIPA.

The student called Bee real name withheldis studying information technology at the institution and agreed to meet. Bee is a vibrant year-old who loves to party.

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She says she engages in prostitution for money. But she also admits that some girls do it for pleasure. Bee, herself, seems to find thrill in illicit sex.

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On June 2, Bee helped to organise a stripper party in a private apartment in Roma, attended by her college mates and some men from the United Kingdom with free-for-all-sex and cocaine. The party was also attended by a son of a high ranking politician. Bee has also engaged in group sex before. Asked about her parents, Bee replied: Izu is a year-old single mother who plans to go to college.

She has an innocent look, but her innocence does not go beyond her benign face.

Apart from selling her body in prostitution, Izu also sells nude pictures of herself for K10, K50 and videos for K Izu works as an agent for a money transfer agency. Jean, who says she is a third-year economics student at the University of Zambia UNZAcould not disclose exactly how many girls are in her network, but she says they are a lot. She grades her girls in three classes — high, medium and low — depending on their looks.

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A high class girl can cost from upwards of K, and more depending on the time spent with her. The agents conduct their business in secrecy, but with much cajoling, one of them agreed to meet for an interview, but on condition that her identity is not revealed.

She has been in the trade for six years now, and makes about K1, per month. Johann says some of her clients are prominent people, but she refuses to disclose any names. She claims she has about girls in her network, including students.

Johann says some men prefer having sex with students from their hostel rooms. Johann once posted on her page: Johann herself is a shemale.

Some agents also try to recruit women to engage in pornography. But even an illegal service has some unsatisfied customers who cannot hide their frustration.

One disappointed man posted: If they were as efficient in hooking us up as they are in asking for airtime or that con they call a connection fee …we would be much happier. Also have some variety. Some chicks are not worth the cash you demand for.

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The Penal Code prescribes punishment of up to 15 years for a person found guilty of abetting prostitution, while those engaging children in prostitution can be imprisoned for life. THE red light district has become virtual.

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You can no longer deny it, sex networks on Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Tags for hire Girls in the city. You may also like. Features Poor nutrition in midst of plenty November 8, Features Zambian women in Senegal recount troubles November 7, Features Entrepreneurial tips from think tanks November 7, Life at years, still going strong.