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Bisexual clubs of wisconsin

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We subsist on cheese and beer. Milwaukeeans do love cheese and beer, and we have an unnatural fondness for bowling, and we are consistently rated one of the drinking-est, fattest cities in the country.

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These are only a few of our charms. What these half-truths add up to is exactly what makes Milwaukee a great place to visit: We like to enjoy ourselves, make noise, get outside, soak up the sun, eat, drink, and party.

This being Wisconsin, we even have a weird, German-like word for this feeling of being in a cozy crowd, eating and drinking, and just being accepted the way you are: Milwaukee is one of the most hypersegregated cities in the nation.

The bright spot in this story is that we queers are doing our part to mix it up. With the Bisexual clubs of wisconsin of the upper East Side near UWM, the Bisexual clubs of wisconsin described below are also some of the most integrated parts of the city.

In general, the neighborhoods along the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan are the most queer-friendly. Must be something in the water.

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Four areas of note:. You can get your fill of tofu scramble and nutritional yeast at the Riverwest Co-op E. Plentiful independent coffee shops, art-house movie theaters, galleries, boutiques, bookstores, and parks make these areas fantastic places to while away a weekend.

Try all seven Oaxacan Bisexual clubs of wisconsin at gay-owned Cempazuchi E. If you have some coin to spend, you can take in the view of downtown while savoring a locally sourced meal at Roots N.

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A drink at Hybrid E. Bay View is a hip neighborhood on the lakeshore south of downtown. KK or peruse the vinyl at Rushmor Records S. I also recommend indulging in local coffee at Hi-Fi S. KK and scrumptious from-scratch food at Honeypie Cafe S.

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KK or a crazy-good pizza from lesbian-owned Classic Slice S. Radiating out from the intersection of 2nd St. Some closer to the harbor can be a little hard to find without a native guide, so ask for directions before setting out. Bisexual clubs of wisconsin drink a lot and our lesbians are no exception. Although just about every Milwaukee LGBT bar will happily welcome all four letters of our alphabet, here are four bars that are lesbian-focused, in descending order of lesbi-osity:.

The Nut Hut W. In a good way. Two hot clubs in one hard-to-find building.

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Sequins seem to be mandatory for salsa, but even if you left yours at home there is no better way to place to see the pretty ladies on a Saturday night. Art Bisexual clubs of wisconsin E.

Riverwest A fantastic gay-owned Riverwest bar, featuring local art and generous drink specials, plus live music and poetry on its tiny stage.

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You have been warned. If you want to hold hands with your wife in the park: Speaking of Greenfield Ave. Like any gay-centric area full of people who have had a few drinks, it has been the site of occasional gay-bashings. My mom made me add that. Guerrilla Grrrl Bar One Friday night each month When the Guerrilla Gay Bar scene got a little too boy-centric, the grrrls at Sapphic Adventures Milwaukee formed this straight-bar-takeover Bisexual clubs of wisconsin with a focus on women having fun.

There is also an after-party at a genuine LGBT bar. Milwaukee is the City of Festivals and we mean it. In early June, the grounds host Pridefestwhich runs Friday afternoon through Sunday night. The Milwaukee Pride Parade takes place on the Sunday of Pridefest but is run by a separate organization. Located downtown E. The center maintains a list of LGBT-friendly doctors, lawyers, therapists, and other professional services, and occasionally hosts Bisexual clubs of wisconsin of those services on site.

Outwords Books, Gifts, and Coffee N. Well, you have lots of options.

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Here are a few of my favorites:. WanderWomyn Check out the Southeastern Wisconsin scenery indoors and out with a hike, a dance club outing, or a camping trip with the girls. Watch a game or hone your skills at one of their clinics. Milwaukee Gay Sports Network You sporty girls can find info on everything from bowling tournaments that benefit AIDS research to queer volleyball and soccer at this federated site. Milwaukee Gay Arts Center S. The Tool Shed N.

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Queer- and trans-friendly and fiercely feminist. Brew City Bruisers Our four-team roller derby league competes with teams from all over the country, with support from their pom squad, the Beer Leaders. I know, beer again.

She hosts a concert series at Live Artists Studio S. If I were looking for a date, I would scroll back up to the many fine events mentioned in this travel guide and get myself to as many of them as possible. I also would buy a tank top and a big Bisexual clubs of wisconsin buckle and go to The Pint. And, of course, there are lots of lesbians with dogs and many of them walk their dogs down by the Milwaukee River.

It really must be something in the water. Our family policy situation in Wisconsin is a mix of good and not-so-good. Wisconsin banned discrimination against gays and lesbians way back in and now offers a state registry giving domestic partners rights such as inheritance and hospital visitation.

On the other hand, we have a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Milwaukee City and County governments and the Milwaukee Public Schools offer domestic partner benefits to their employees and many local companies do, too.

Second-partner adoption of children is not technically available, but an accommodating judge has been known to make that happen for LGBT families. My wife and I have raised five kids in Milwaukee. With great parks, beaches, libraries, museums, and festivals, the kids will never be bored.

Marquette is a Jesuit university and Bisexual clubs of wisconsin the same struggles most Catholic organizations do.

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While their Gay-Straight Alliance has blossomed in recent years, Marquette was also in the national news recently when the president suddenly withdrew a job offer from a lesbian dean candidate after key donors learned who she was.

Alverno has a stellar reputation for its education and health programs, an active GSA, and even a nascent drag show.

We are politically, socially, and geographically in the middle of the nation. That said, Milwaukee is a fantastic place to be a lesbian. We have all of the big-city amenities with few of the hassles.

37 results Bisexual Clubs in...

We have all the social opportunities a queer girl could want, whether that particular girl wants to square dance or cage dance, become a roller derby queen or a drag king, camp out in the woods or camp it up at Pridefest.

Seconding the recommendation for the Lakefront Brewery tour. You will not regret this. You definitely hit all of my favorite things about Milwaukee! Everyone should know about the ridiculousness that is Mad Planet as well. Wenn man Deutsch versteht, soll er hier gehen: I grew up here, but sadly moved before I was old enough to enjoy all the lovely queer things it has to offer. Thank you so much for writing this! Every year I go out to visit my family up in Bisexual clubs of wisconsin, but I always feel like the only queer in the state while there.

You should check them out: Thanks for the article, I was wondering if they still hold that big outdoor art Bisexual clubs of wisconsin.

I remember the organizers being so nice and helpful when we were setting up for it, and the tons of people that came to it were great too. This is SO great! Milwaukee is a great place to live. As a queer youth I find it to be very accepting.

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Pleased as punch to find this city guide. Oh and the Miltown Kings throw a big drag-stavaganza once a year called Kingstock, too, which involves performers from across the country and is more than worth checking out. Ooh, seconding the Palomino. My girlfriend and I spent all of two days in Milwaukee last fall, but we did make it down there, and it was fantastically delicious. Haha- I had to read this being I was born and raised until Bisexual clubs of wisconsin in Waukesha, right outside of Milwaukee and am now a vegan cheesehead in LA.

We ended up mostly hopping back and forth between The Pint and LaCage which are across the street from one another. My straight female friend ended up making out with a cute girl at the Pint while I had no luck. In short, it was pretty awesome minus Handsy McGee.

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Lots of interesting memories. Besides the gay bar scene, Miller Park, Summerfest, etc. But I should add that it does have a bit of a reputation for being somewhat dangerous. Included at the site are histories of organizations, clubs, bars and other businesses by and for Cardinal Bar, =Madison, E.

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