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Thin large breasts model

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Implants and the extreme push up bras, plus some photo shop and some stuffing probably help. I think the girls look great, but the majority of them do not have really big boobs. I am a DD and I cannot shop at Victoria's secret. Their bras do fit small. So ya, their bras fit much differently than normal bras. I wouldn't Thin large breasts model too much about it. Which would be normal for someone of that size.

Push up bras add a few cups sizes.

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Especially when they add padding on top of that which some of VS's bras do. Back in Tyra's day, she would have had C's or D's. But now the models are more fit and skinny so they are smaller.

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There are some genetic freaks though. I lose weight and my boobs stay.

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But I am also a broad person. My shoulders, and hips are both wide. The boobs look normal for my size, and I would be wide at any size.

And genetically I am just made to have big boobs. Some people are smaller framed, like most of the VS models and would have naturally smaller boobs. It's all about body type and proportion.

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They just make do with what they have naturally and then add the bras in that make them look bigger. Try doing some ab exercises. It will make you stand up taller and won't change your boob size. But still give you the look of a slimmer stomach.

That is why they're models. A normal girl, when losing weight will lose it from the boobs first, and hips last.

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A guy will lose it from the arms first and the stomach last. Breast augmentation will help these girls, but I've seen some anorexic girls that still have decent boobs on them.

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Just genetics I guess. And there is no such thing as targetted weight loss. Or else you'd have chick with flabby arms, big boobs, fat arse and six packs from doing cruches all day.

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Doesn't happen like that. Victoria's Secret girls don't have THAT much "boob," they mainly just wear industrial strength push-up bras When you work out doing intense cardio you burn fat all over your body.

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But weight training can shape and lift certain body parts when you lift heavy. They either have implants, or they do targetted weight loss regimes to keep the chest big.

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They don't really have that much in the way of boobs actually, they're pretty much all B cups, some less. It's the bras that make their boobs look enormous and let's face it, that's why girls go to VS for bras lol.

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But to answer your question, people are built differently. When I gain and lose weight, it's all around my belly, my boobs don't get smaller if I diet and exercise. Other people gain weight in their legs and bums.

Thin large breasts model don't have boobs becuase most their measurements are whatever-whatever. And those are mine but my boob size is only an A. Many models can't have big boobs because they wouldn't be able to fit into the clothes that they do. Modeling isn't for everyone which is why so few make it.