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Rock Church acquires Midway strip club property. San Diego Community News Group. The Body Shop strip club at Riley St. I'm glad Pastor McPherson is allowing me to rest assured that the building will never again contain a sex shop. Contemplating that potentiality was really messing with my sleep. And I'm sure the anguish of parents having to explain to their children the context of "Nude Girls" in this situation was just unbearable.

Close the strip club and turn the building into a homeless outreach and day center. Those poor women in bondage to sex and pole-dancing should be offered opportunities to get out of the sleazy strip club scene and receive free job training skills and assistance to move on with their lives.

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We took one from Satan here with this purchase! Do you even know any strippers?

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Most strippers are not helpless women who are forced into it, a lot of them have degrees. Most strippers are honest, good, strong women who don't judge people.

The Body Shop, a strip...

They are better people than the ones who go to church every week and pretend they are better than everyone else. I freely admit to not knowing anything about strippers. How do you know that "most" are what you say they are?

In my life I have known exactly one x-stripper. Her life definitely did not fit your description.

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