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Arbys logo looks like a dick

XXX Porn tube Arbys logo looks like a dick.
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I've heard tons of different theories. I've heard its a ten gallon hat, an "A", a bell, an oven mitt, and even a penis What is it supposed to be?

The reason its so hard to figure out is because Arby's doesn't really serve a specific kind of food. Like if they served exclusively Western food then it would make sense for it to be a hat.

LOL, you thought it was a penis i thought it was a hat smokingsbad. A year later, the first Arby's licensee opened a restaurant in Akron, Ohio. The famous Arby's 'hat' was designed by the original signmakers, Peskin Sign Co they continue to make signs for Triarc.

Eh, who cares what it used to be? It's an oven mitt now.

For the extreme generation! Plus it's in quotes, so that means it could be different right?

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Why wouldn't they want to offend the Canadians with it? Hey, think what you want. I see a hat. It was designed to look like a hat.

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