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Adult friend finder message

Sex photo Adult friend finder message.
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Are you an expert on AdultFriendFinder? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Aug Gender: Location Preston, England Age 38 Posts So I recently joined AFF as an experiment - is it possible to meet hot and cool chicks on these sites that aren't either: After that Adult friend finder message not bothered - I can take it from there.

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So here we go: Obviously I want to stand out from average Joe in some way. Needless to say Adult friend finder message won't be providing any cock shots. You can't have other people in your pic as it's against site rules. Also, your main pic is shown in a smaller pic on the search results page. So what kind of main pic are people most likely to click on?

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Do you send a particular kind of message depending on the profile, or do you just send one blanket email to as many people you like as possible in order to play the numbers game? By transition I mean when and how to move from pm's to msn, to phone, to real life. No more KJ theorising please! Join Date Jan Gender: Location Your mom's house Age 40 Posts 2, Don't know that one at all. My specialty was Match. Adult friend finder message

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Look far and wide--there are worlds to conquer. How did you work it?

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Join Date Dec Gender: They may not even be a real person, but an automated "bot" with a fake female profile, and then scam you. Originally Posted by Hysteria.

Join Date Mar Gender: Location In a cardboard box under a freeway Age 53 Posts Welcome to the cesspool Ahhhh, Internet Adult friend finder message I've been at it for over 4 years and tried and tested so many different variations of profiles and e mails that I now use the same e mails for every woman.

I've researched sites to see what different guys send in their e mails.

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I have structured a set of e mails, numbered and stored them ready to use. All I do is change the name of the girl.

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They get inundated by horny men. If a woman is interested in someone, they will send you a kiss or wink but expect you to pay for the return e-mail if Adult friend finder message are not a member. You will find that cheeky humour in your profile will go along way. Even on the sex site's.

Every one else takes it so serious.

If you check out www. Cheeky Humour, Alot of colourful descriptions of crap women love. It really works well. I have made number 1 in the top a few times. David de Angelo has a template of an e-mail that is really successful, but has been abused to the max.

Most women have received it at one time or another. You can use that as an idea for a draft for your Adult friend finder message e mail. Don't go writing a personal letter to each woman That's crazy AFC shit. Write a general letter and copy and paste it.

If a woman calls you on it, bust on her. As for the MSN chat crap. You are a busy man and have a life.

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You don't have time to chat. Give me your number is what I write. I never give out my number. Every other guy gives out their mobile, work, home, pager, mum's and their dog's number.

I would paste the de Angelo letter here, but I'm not sure if that's allowed??? Can any Mod's answer that???

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Back to your question about hooking up and meeting a normal chick off the sex sites. No woman is normal.

They are all fucked up one way or another and these women are more nuttier than squirrel shit. But don't let Adult friend finder message stop you. Just don't think your going to find the love of you life or someone you will want to settle down with. Most of the time you can tell if the photo and profile is real or fake.

Just look at the photo's back ground, lighting and shadows. Is there more than 1 photo Just go in with the idea of fun and that's what you will have.

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