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What to say on a hookup site

FuckBook Base What to say on a hookup site.

Today's dating scene is nothing like it was a few decades ago. Finding your perfect match, a casual dating partner, or even a one-night-hookup is now available at the touch of a button.

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Today we're talking about you guys solely looking for a hookup. Now, hooking up is as easy as downloading an app or logging into a website.

But don't be fooled. Just because you're behind a screen does not mean you're free from making a vital mistake when trying to score a babe. Just like in-person-encounters, there are so many opportunities for something to go wrong online.

If you dart at them,...

Here are a few ways to steer clear of dooming yourself in the hookup website and app world. Even better, these tips will make you that much closer to scoring a hookup successfully and quickly. Pictures to post, and not to post: The first impression on your hookup website or dating app is your profile picture.

As the saying goes, you can't make a first impression twice. The pictures you post for women to see is so important when What to say on a hookup site a hookup. Right off the bat, women will deem you as an automatic no, yes, or maybe; just from your pictures alone.

I'm not saying if you're not drop dead gorgeous you're doomed.

It's more about the content and location. For example, a woman named Lucy clicks on Tom's hookup website profile. Within ten seconds of browsing his pictures, she already has labeled Tom as not hookup worthy.