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Girls having sex with their teacher

xXx Pics Girls having sex with their teacher.

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. People who have had sex with their teachers, how did it change your educational relationship with them? Think it was 9th or 10th grade, I was 16 she was late 20s. Notes were just silly at first but over the months became flirty. I always flushed hers down the toilet after I read them in case people found them, she said she destroyed mine too.

Anyway all the build up lead to one day I stayed after for tutoring, she had talked about wanting Girls having sex with their teacher give me a blowjob in the letters and was dropping hints that today it Girls having sex with their teacher happen, making the cocking sucking hand gesture with tounge in cheek.

It was me her and 4 other students that afternoon, I hung back as everyone rushed out, she locked the door and sat back at her desk. She patted her desk and told me to come sit. I sat on her desk facing her and she started to undo my pants, then her warm mouth.

She was my first gagging sloppy bj, she was like really into it. It was great but felt incredibly wrong I knew she had a husband. I got out of there pretty quick. They next few weeks were a little off she didn't seem herself but I was getting higher marks on reports and homework. After a month she left the district. I had a friend who went to the same high school as me.

Only thing was that he was a senior and I was still in Year 7. Dude Girls having sex with their teacher probably the best looking guy at that school that year and was popular with everyone.

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He tried his best at school and he was an average student. Came down to English, he was failing the subject. Ofc this was the last year, so his uni would fuck him up if he failed anything.

His English teacher offered him 'private tutoring', free of cost, back at her place. He readily agreed, thinking that he'd save his grade and get away with saving it with minimal effort. Turns out, the teacher was actually a cougar and was 'like a wild animal in bed'. She never taught him anything, just banged him and took full advantage of him needing her to bump up his grade. After I think weeks worth of 'tutoring', she told him he'd definitely pass and that he could relax.

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Old enough to give consent. So also keep that in mind as well. She is an authority figure in a position of power, if it's illegal in college, it's illegal in high school. I don't know why you got downvoted, you're right. The ages doesn't matter, he needed her help and she took advantage of him, they consider that rape in any other instance, how is it any different now.

He didn't see it that way then, nor did I, but as maturer people, it's obvious it's nothing but rape. Sex outside of wedlock is illegal. A crime was committed and an elder took advantage of an immature person. Yeah, I get that, but he Girls having sex with their teacher skipped a grade. The reason he was doing 'ok' was because the school recommended he skip a grade in Middle School and so the work for him was a lot tougher than it should've been.

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PS the country I live in is quite backward when it comes to these things. Ironically enough, it also has the tallest building in the world. The worst part is that we always thought she was a nice, motherly woman who looked after the kids she had. A lot of these kids come from families where their parents are rich but distant, so the closest maternal figure they have is her.

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She abused her matronly position above a bunch of kids I rescind my sympathetic comment. I believe that's a South Park reference. I actually posted this because I was so shocked that a woman who we trusted intimately could do that and that looks can be deceiving. At the time, he thought he was the legend 'Who'd laid out Ms.

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Palmer' and it had kinda gone to his head. I thought it was amazing, too. But then his other female friend asked him which position they'd used and he proudly said 'I'd been on my back the whole time' and she said 'exactly' and walked away. Even after this, he thought nothing of the relationship apart from the fact that he'd scored twice, once with sex and once with fixing up his grade.

I never got the depth and point of her statement until I was older at which point I realized that he, by being on his back, had 0 control over what was happening and what she was doing. He was literally a dildo, she rode him and she took full control of what happened in that bedroom. He gets it now of course, and he doesn't visit the school when he comes Girls having sex with their teacher from uni for vacations and breaks.

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He made her drive all the way there at night and not like 7pm, nope. He called and txted her at 2 am and what not. He was so professional about his teaching he didn't let a student affair deter him from knowledge.

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There was a guy in my high school who would always say he "would totally bang" this one teacher. A couple years after we all graduated, it became facebook official that they were in a relationship. Teacher and former student. Had a similar situation. Huge crush on my high school history teacher. Casually flirted with her from time to time as high school kids do.

We went out for drinks, had a nice night lol. I flirted with a teacher once and my uncle found out.

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He told my mom, who them proceeded to beat me with tow ropes and I ate some gravel. Not sex but a lot of touching in class. We are both females. I was in college. When she would explain things, she liked walking through class and stopping in random places, but mostly she was standing near me and would make sure that her hips would touch my arm or my shoulder. We would have constant eye contact, like eye fucking.

I would often ask her to come up and explain something I Girls having sex with their teacher get and she would lean over in a way that her breasts would hang on my shoulder and her face was inches away from mine.

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Girls having sex with their teacher And then she would smile widely when she would notice that I got excited or embarrassed. And the best two things that happened was when I was first to walk in class she was wearing a skirt and she would spread her legs so I could see her panties and get all red, she laughed.

After same class she asked me to stay over because ''she wasn't sure about my test results''. She did actually talk to me about my test results and I wasn't expecting anything, but when I was walking towards the door she told me she was inlove with me, I couldn't resist and I kissed her, after that I ran away. I wasn't inlove with her, I was more attracted to her in a physical way and I knew nothing would workout cause she was married and had a kid.

So I didn't want to ruin anything or her to get in any trouble. So eye fucking was the only thing we did for the next two years of college and my test results were the best of all. No one has ever noticed us. We were in the same class and she was never there but passed One of my best friends slept with the English teacher in our final year of school.

In another comment chain people are down voted for commenting like the young man scored. Even though maybe he enjoyed it. It's always fun to read each comment twice, making sure to swap the genders of the student and teacher during the second read to see which one sounds creepier.

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