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Pron Pictures Steve harvey chicago dating show 2018 electoral map finals.

There are episodes for each seasons from to Angela decides to finally complete their will, which Steve does not want to be part of because of his fear of mortality.

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Darrin fears that his mother is going to die, Cedric volunteers to be a "big brother" to a fatherless teenage boy and tries to get Steve involved in the organization. As Steve's insensitivity upsets Regina, Sara and Sophia's departure turns into a disaster and Romeo and Bullethead square off over a new beautiful classmate.

Romeo weighs his feelings for his once-heavy platonic friend Aisha who spent her summer at a weight-loss farm and now is lovely, fit and sexy. Steve and Cedric argue over Lovita making herself too much at home in the apartment, so Ced storms out and spends the night at Regina's.

A snowstorm strands Lovita at Steve's on Christmas Eve, and David and his wife and kids, and Angela's parents come to visit while Cedric waits out the blizzard at Regina's, Angela learns her parents are having marital problems and tries to patch things up, only making them worse; Romeo, Bullethead, and Lydia get trapped in the department store on Christmas Eve, but things go awry when a mall Santa held the students captive.

Edward Jacobson Rudy Ray Moore.

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To impress her visiting great-aunt, Lovita tells a few lies where she makes her great-aunt believe that she and Cedric are married, she's the principal and Steve runs errands for the newlyweds. Meanwhile, Steve decides to sell his car, which upsets Mike because of how much time he and Steve had worked on it. Meanwhile, Angela takes Don shopping for clothes and he is afraid that Angela will embarrass him in front of someone he knows.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from " https: Lists of American sitcom television series episodes.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Out-of-work musician Steve Hightower becomes an inner-city music teacher, and soon discovers someone from his past is also at the school. Bullethead is at the end of his rope when his dog gets impounded and he doesn't have the cash to bail him out. Meanwhile, Cedric gets the boot from his mama's apartment and looks to Steve for a place to live.

As he and Cedric struggle to work out their differences as roommates, Steve bets Regina he can put together a school band in fewer than five days.

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Rumors of an on-going affair sweep the school when Sara and Romeo are caught hiding in a closet while trying to avoid Principal Grier. Meanwhile, Cedric goes way overboard vying for "Teacher of the Month" honors.

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Romeo paints himself into a corner by falsely taking credit for the winning entry in a poster contest, for artwork that was actually done by Sophia. Meanwhile, Cedric receives a platinum card and goes on a spending spree and is happy The homecoming dance is approaching, and no one, including chaperone Steve, is happy with their dates.

Romeo and Bullethead turn to Steve for help with the homecoming dance, while Cedric joins a video-dating service. Romeo's old-school father enrolls him in vocational-training classes, much to Romeo's dislike.

Meanwhile, Steve and Cedric try to catch a mouse running loose in their apartment. Sophia wins the role of Steve harvey chicago dating show 2018 electoral map finals in the school's production of "Romeo and Juliet," but Romeo is not chosen to play opposite her as his own namesake. Now Romeo must deal with watching another man play Romeo to Sophia's Juliet.

This is the first episode in which the Steve Harvey Show logo is shown for an opening scene. Steve reunites with his old singing group, "The Hi-Tops," to perform on an awards show. But when a band member gets injured, Cedric is the only available substitute. When Angela gets to research the cover story for the magazine, Steve gets Regina to help trick his visiting mother into believing that they are a couple, however Angela is unhappy with the way Steve operates his apartment when he "improves" the washing machine and dryer, forgets to make the boys' lunches and fails to make Darrin's gingerbread house for the bake sale.

Bullethead and Romeo hope to pocket some cash hustling pool, but the tables are turned on them and they wind up holding the short end of the stick. When Steve scores hard-to-get tickets to a concert, Regina agrees to go out with him.

Meanwhile, Sara reluctantly agrees to go out on a date with Bullethead. On his way to play the piano at Regina's church, Steve gets arrested and thrown in jail with Cedric. The Hi-Tops' ex-manager gets engaged and the group gathers for a bachelor party at Steve's apartment and Angela takes a compatibility test from a magazine, and the results show that her and Steve are not compatible.

In revenge, Steve creates Steve harvey chicago dating show 2018 electoral map finals test that intentionally shows that Regina is not the woman for him.

Meanwhile, the students are assigned the task of creating a short film for a contest and Don volunteers to perform a ventriloquism act for Booker T's annual high school talent show, but he discovers that it's harder than it looks. Steve harvey chicago dating show 2018 electoral map finals year-old woman steals into Steve's life claiming to be his daughter, the outcome of a long-ago romantic liaison.

Meanwhile, Bullethead is suddenly popular when everyone learns that he has a pair of floor seat tickets to a Chicago Bulls game. Meanwhile, one of Angela's friends is getting married and Regina's parents also visit to renew their wedding vows for their 40th anniversary, but Steve gets lost on the way and refuses to get directions, which leads them to end up in Michigan.

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Elsewhere, Wanda babysits the boys, and they cheat her in card games. Since Regina's sorority sister is visiting from out of town, Regina decides to impress her by lying about having a wealthy handsome boyfriend, and enlists Steve to help her out with her deceit. Steve tries to put some "sparks" into Regina's dull party -- and proceeds to set the roof on fire.

Then, he offers to let her stay at his place.

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A smooth-talking bank officer shows an interest in Regina and for Mother's Day, Steve decides that each of the boys will build something for Angela. Mike and Don succeed in making jewelry and recipe boxes; however, the more unskilled laborer Don does not want to build anything, since he is not interested in chalkboarding.

Also, Romeo and his mother tries to consult Sara, Bullethead and Sophia parrot-nap a rival school's mascot about what to do with Don.

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Steve gives a birthday gift to Regina on her birthday, to show her he cares. But Regina also gets a gift from another admirer, an expensive gift, and believes the expensive gift is from Steve.

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Lovita Alize Jenkins, as well as Terri J. Vaughn 's second appearance in the series. Steve convinces Romeo to join the predominantly female choir and discovers that he can't sing a note.

For a fund-raiser, Steve tries to reunite the Hi-Tops, but learns they've formed a new band without him. So he decides to make some beautiful new music with Regina. Meanwhile, Bullethead decides to quit school to work full time at his new job in the Steve harvey chicago dating show 2018 electoral map finals. Steve's audition with Teddy Riley hits a sour note when his saxophone is pawned by Romeo, who uses the money to buy a suit.

It's Halloween, and Steve, as usual is up to his old tricks and puts together a band and auditions at a local club, where the competition is his former group, the Hi-Tops, formed their own group.

Steve blows off a banquet with the teenager he's mentoring so that he can prepare a romantic meal for Regina. Meanwhile, Romeo gets a hand from his classmates after injuring his arm in a skateboard accident.

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Later, they found out that Romeo faked his injury the whole time. Steve thinks his manhood is in question after Regina, a. Also, Romeo and Bullethead enroll in a dance class.

Steve has competition for Regina's affections when her college beau comes back to town to take a job as a sportscaster and to renew their relationship.

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Also Bullethead meets a new transfer student name Kim, who got a big backside. With Regina dating a new guy, Steve tries to beat Dwight Mills in the neighborhood Christmas light competition, but Don is leaking information to Dwight's granddaughter on whom he has a crush and get something cooking with a caterer who's working his annual holiday party.

Meanwhile, Mike wants to go skilling with Jerel Kelly's family on Christmas instead of spending it with his family. Warrington buys Regina a luxury car in honour of their first month together, and then gets upset when she doesn't drive it.

Meanwhile, at their high school reunion, Angela tries to avoid Belinda Erickson Jenifer Lewisher high school friend who stole her boyfriend, and learns a shocking truth about her and Arnold, and Steve and Arnold try to fix the amplifier.

Meanwhile, Cedric and his new girlfriend Rachel watches the boys and Mike's girlfriend Keisha Raven-Symonewho turns to be Rachel's daughter and finds himself in trouble until he gets some much needed help from Romeo.

Regina drives her partner Cedric hard, in her quest to win the school's dance contest. Steve agrees to date Regina's recently dumped, vulnerable friend. Lovita helps Ced with his taxes, and discovers receipts that show he has gone out with other women.

And Romeo teaches his "Mack-a-nomics" class to teach the guys about how to get over on women. Steve's father shows up with his young fiancee, and Steve thinks she's trying to kill the old man for a half-million dollar insurance policy. Steve and Romeo both make a play for an attractive playwright whose latest work is being staged at the school.

Steve and Cedric think their housekeeping prayers are answered Steve harvey chicago dating show 2018 electoral map finals they hire an elderly cleaning lady from Lovita's Steve harvey chicago dating show 2018 electoral map finals. On their way to a conference, Steve and Regina get stuck in a snowstorm while traveling the back roads. Meanwhile, Lovita's country cousin puts the moves on Ced.

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When Deidre can't quit her job for a week, she asks Cedric to fill in so Steve and two of his former singing partners must find a fourth voice before their group performs at an oldies show. Meanwhile, the students get a lesson in parenting and asks Steve to be their assistant. Steve has a hard time not being the center of Steve harvey chicago dating show 2018 electoral map finals, but when Angela and Regina shows him that he can assist her, he decides to help Cedric.

Don finds it hard to talk to a girl in Steve's classroom named Evangeline Angell Conwell. Steve and Cedric are up for membership in a men's club, where they'll be "rubbing elbows with Chicago's business elite".

Romeo and Bullethead use a new camera to meet girls. Steve and the boys plan on getting Angela a hot tub for Mother's Day and getting rid of the swing set so they can install the hot tub in their balcony. But they find the swing set meant more to Angela than they thought and she wants a herb garden instead of a hot tub. Lovita is upset when Cedric wins a pair of tickets to a Chicago Bulls playoff game and decides to take Steve.

Rumors of a big announcement from Warrington has everyone thinking he's going to propose to Regina. Romeo and Bullethead send a strict teacher anonymous love letters hoping to help their grades.