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Allowed to masturbate once week

Nude Photo Galleries Allowed to masturbate once week.
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Log in or Sign up. Just read an article which says you should ejaculate every two weeks? Apr 5, 1. So I was reading through another post where a user mentioned this website: Here's the quote the bold text wasn't put in by me: It's necessary for males past puberty to ejaculate. The male sexual organs produce a number of fluids that have to be eliminated periodically. Doctors specializing in sexuality generally agree Allowed to masturbate once week a male must ejaculate at a bare minimum once every two weeks to avoid damage to his sexual functioning.

A team of doctors led by Dr. Graham Giles published a study in that found that males who ejaculated most often when they were young had the least incidence of prostate cancer later.

They state that masturbation is healthier for the prostate than having intercourse, because masturbation doesn't expose the prostate to STDs. Giles recommends that younger males masturbate at least six times a week. So ejaculation is necessary.

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If a male doesn't ejaculate by having intercourse or wet dreams, which are uncommon in boys who have learned how Allowed to masturbate once week masturbate -- then masturbation is necessary. So as a practical matter, yes, it's necessary for males to masturbate. Very few males claim to never masturbate, and some authorities say there are no males past puberty who never masturbate. However, from what I've read on the website the author seems pretty knowledgeable, which is why the comment about needing to masturbate every two weeks concerns me.

Is it safe to be going such periods without masturbation during NoFap, especially for guys who don't have regular intercourse available? TobyApr 5, Apr 5, 2.

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I know about that statements and I guess they are right. You shouldn't leave your milk to long in the fridge too. But we are trying to get over our addiction. I think it's ok to nofap for about 90 days but you may get used to a normal way of masturbation. SeriousMikeApr 5, Apr 5, 3.

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There are some males who do not masturbate, just a small number. I would say that porn is the major problem here, more so than masturbation. Palmtop TigerApr 5, Apr 6, 4.

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Tell me one thing. If not Maturbating kills Man Then Why are you Here? Just Leave this Fucking habit its not Good for You Ignore that fuckings Peoples those are saying maturbation is normal. Cute HipsterApr 6, AshishIndianGinny Weasleylantti and 9 others like this.

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Apr 6, 5. Palmtop Allowed to masturbate once weekApr 6, Apr 6, 6. If we need to "remove" those fluids, our body will do so by wet dreams. For us who are here, we can see why masturbation is far from a good idea. Though I do agree that porn is the real issue, it is undeniable that fapping has a significant contribution to our addiction. It is ridiculous to say that people must ejaculate.

There is nothing wrong with ejaculation but it is not a prerequisite. I believe that masturbation is fine only in a sexual intercourse with another partner and with absolutely no use of porn material whatsoever.

Alone it should not even be considered. Apr 6, 7.

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I also have to say this. By posting this article on a site made to help people overcome their pmo addiction, you are giving to many the excuse to relapse.

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We all know the downside of excessive masturbation. Though once a while may be fine, almost none of us have the ability to abstain for once every two weeks. This habit will turn from a bi weekly basis to a regular relapse in no time. Apr 6, 8. Allowed to masturbate once week amazes me is that there was 1 ONE study done with no details with the questions of males, their frequency of ejaculation it did not specify masturbation of intercourse and cancer correlation.

I pretty much discount this study as being invalid due to no other studies if anyone has found one please share and the lack of detail. The body is self maintaining, as others have said, it will dispose of anything that it needs Allowed to masturbate once week by wet dreams, etc.

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