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Who sang love is like oxygen

Hot xXx Video Who sang love is like oxygen.

Have you ever gone on for years knowing a group of seemingly unrelated radio hits without realizing they all came from the same act?

Love Is Like Oxygen by...

That was a recent revelation I had with those British pop rockers Sweet. Their gimmick always seemed to be lighter — sometimes cheekier — versions of their better-regarded contemporaries.

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This site celebrates forgotten heroes of bygone times just as much as we salute the well-known ones. Sweet loved ELO or Queen-type soaring vocals, flashy stage getup and hook-laden guitar riffs, which made them pioneers, in a sense.

You might say they were the bridge between glam rock of the s and the big hair bands of the s. But, I have to give them credit for permanently injecting some unforgettable tunes into the far corners of my mind.

The chorus has two sets of harmonies jousting with each other: Those who had the Level Headed album that this song came from or tuned in to album rock stations got to listen to the full version of the song. After a last go around of the refrain, a bass-popping funk passage takes out the album version of the song.

"Love Is Like Oxygen" is...

The remaining three principals soldiered on without causing much chart action until calling it a day injust before the pop-metal fad of that decade that they anticipated took off. Hey, I can dig that. January 17, by S.

Lyrics and video for the...

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Lyrics to 'Love Is Like...

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"Love is like oxygen" was...

Hall of the Mountain King Ted Gioia: Music, Books and Popular Culture. Love Is Like Oxygen Lyrics: Love is like oxygen / You get too much, you get too high / Not enough and you're gonna die / Love gets you high / Love is like.

Then it's lead singer Brian Connolly's turn to shine as the song slams “Love Is Like Oxygen” was Sweet's last top ten hit and before the year. "Love is like oxygen" was a hit song for the band Sweet.

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Sweet was also Answered Oct 17, · Author has k answers and m answer views. Cracking.

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