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Bisexual girl coming out

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You have to stop hiding from yourself when you come out of that closet. I came out as bisexual when I was 20 years old.

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That is so far from the truth — all you have to do is know your sexuality, and then you can claim it. It would have been embarrassing to take it back, and I would have felt like a liar.

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I grew up in a liberal suburb of San Francisco with family who taught me the importance of respecting people, and told me that everyone — both people like me and nothing like me — deserved kindness.

I barely had any examples of non-straight role models.

So for those of you...

There are very few queer characters in mediaand I can probably count the number of bisexual women on television on one hand. Representation, which is instrumental in coming out, is still sparse.

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When I was ready, I slowly came out to my closest friends, most of whom were not surprised. No straight girl loves Sarah Paulson as much as I do, or gets as excited when a queer couple appears on a television show. They were nothing but loving and supportive, and they have continued to be in my corner.

Even my few conservative friends and family members have responded with encouragement. Unfortunately, I have many friends who have not received such wonderful reactions to Bisexual girl coming out sexuality, so everyday I am grateful that I got so lucky.

In the future, I hope coming out gets easier for young people. As a society, both queer and heterosexual folks can fix that.

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Support queer organizations and individuals, and help normalize them in your community. Heterosexuality should not be the default, and we all need to work on that.

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Be kind to yourself. Constantly validate yourself, and take all the time you need. Allow yourself to fall in love with yourself — every beautiful facet of your identity. Home Love Love Is Love.

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Caroline McNally June 15, 6: June is Pride Month. In college, I started meeting more and more people on the queer spectrum.

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