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It was pretty different. I hate to say it but the girl I had the best sex with I was secretly in love with.

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But I showed her to a friend and he laughed at her. But I guess it was enough for me to try and hide it.

I grew up and damn do I wish I told her how I felt. After the unsatisfying sexual experiences and his bad attitude I stopped finding him attractive and dumped him.

I mean I was obviously still attracted to him but it made it vaguely unpleasant.

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One of you might fart or your skin may make that weird noise when it rubs together or he might slam into you so hard your head hits the headboard, and being able to just laugh at that stuff and keep the other person comfortable and then get back to it is a good skill. Not really seen much of a difference in attractiveness, but age is a huge factor. The older they are the better the lay.

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My experience has found there to be zero correlation between attractiveness and sex skill. All over the map. Unattractive girls try so hard.

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They are so used to everyone doing everything for them, all they have to do is ask. However, from personal experience, I think that my right hand is a lot more experienced than my left.

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I feel incredibly lucky: The least attractive lover was pretty lazy, expecting me to do all of the work. She reeked of desperation and low standards.

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The less attractive girls are waay better in bed in my experience where as the attractive girls are not. But attractive girls also tend to be more experienced.

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So in general, more attractive girls are better at sex. A new Thought Catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from.

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A website by Thought. The hotter ones were more expensive.

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