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We all expect our coaches to focus on teaching us the fundamentals and skills necessary to excel in our chosen sports, but it seems like some coaches don't exactly have our best interests at heart. Instead of being motivated by their love for helping athletes improve, most coaches are apparently low-key driven by their need to fill their wallets or their desire to hook up with hot soccer moms!

We're on to you, youth sports coaches!

Thanks to this shocking confession from a little league baseball coach, now we think all of you signed up just so you could flirt with some of your athletes' hot moms! After all, the younger the kids you coach, the younger their parents likely are!

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It's impossible to deny that kids these days are insanely spoiled. We thought we had it good when our parents gave us presents for an especially good report card or for doing some difficult household chores, but teens nowadays are given new gaming consoles or expensive cell phones for virtually no reason!

Parents just desperately want to seem cool, so they give their kids anything and everything they want. This coach understandably dislikes that, but instead of just slightly resenting the athletes on his team He claims that he loves coaching, but if he has such extreme problems with his Athlete hookup reality series on excel, he should probably consider looking into a different profession!

Let's be real, high school never really ends.

Chipper Jones, "Major League Bowhunter"

As much as we all want to pretend that we stop being shallow and immature when we graduate high school Some coaches really do apply for their jobs with good intentions. They love a particular sport, and want to instill that same love in their athletes while also teaching them how to play that sport at a higher level.

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Some kids, however, just don't want to be coached. They either were forced to play by their parents, and thus don't actually care enough to pay attention, or they reject authority and just want to do their own thing on the field. This coach got fed up with his athletes because "them chaps don't listen," so he decided that if he's going to be miserable at work every day, he might as well be high! That's probably not going to help make his team listen to him, but we don't necessarily blame him.

Admit it, you kind of like it when you Athlete hookup reality series on excel someone wipe out or trip over their own feet while watching a sports game. It's sick and twisted, but for some reason, we all have to hold back a laugh when we see athletes dramatically mess up!

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This sadistic gymnastics coach is the same way, and allows some of her girls to fall every now and then so they remember just how gravity works. We'd probably do the same thing once or twice if we were in her shoes Making this confession anonymously on Whisper was a smart idea, because she'd definitely get fired if she ever admitted this out loud to a co-worker or parent.

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Any time young kids play sports, there's sure to be plenty of sexy young MILFs in the stands In this confession, someone admitted, "part of the reason I coach youth sports is to sleep with the moms. We honestly aren't sure whether we should be disgusted with him or impressed that he was able to pull this off. Most professional coaches would agree that their job is part building a personal Athlete hookup reality series on excel with the players on their team, part helping their athletes excel by working on their particular skillsets, part making important decisions in games and part ensuring everyone is having fun and wanting to keep playing the following season.

The coach who made this concerning confession disagrees with that breakdown, however, and actually claims that at least half of his job is simply judging how poorly parents raised the kids on his team!

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That's pretty messed up, and knowing that there are coaches like this out there should make parents especially those who have troublesome children seriously reconsider whether or not they want to drop their kids off at practice anymore. We certainly wouldn't want to. We assumed it was just the male coaches who sign up for their jobs in hopes of messing around with one of their athletes' parents, but we were apparently mistaken!

This Athlete hookup reality series on excel coach has a huge crush on "every single one" of the dads who attend each event to watch the girls on her team. That's a lot of dads!

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We really hope that she doesn't act on these crushes if the dads are married, because we're sure some of them might be tempted to stray from their wives if given the chance to fool around with a cheerleading coach That might be too big of a fantasy to turn down. Every time this scandalous dance coach leads her students in some stretches, their minds are completely blown by how incredibly flexible she is. They likely assume that her flexibility is merely a result of her several years of experience and hard work, but in Athlete hookup reality series on excel Not every school district has a number of coaches willing and able to teach every sport that the kids in that area want to play.

The coach who made this confession feels terrible for the athletes on her team, because she isn't especially good at the sport she was selected to be in charge of, so she can't exactly offer them the proper guidance they deserve. She feels bad for the students on her team, but there really isn't anything she can do because no one else volunteered for the job!

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Coaches of virtually every sport seem to love making their athletes run laps for any number of reasons. You dropped a pass? You disobeyed an order? You were late to practice?

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We always assumed these coaches were just trying to help us work on our cardio or endurance or were forcing us to become more respectful and vigilant teammates, but this confession makes us wonder if their affinity for making us sprint all the time was just so they could go on their phones and check out their social media accounts while we were busy running!

This coach even admits that even though he tells his athletes that there's a reason for their nonstop running He just wants some time for himself. Coaches live for the moments when one of the students they teach come forward to thank them for helping them become a better athlete.

This coach was lucky enough to have a respectful player Athlete hookup reality series on excel his team call him "the nicest person he's ever met. Hey, if someone thinks you're super nice when you really aren't, it must mean you're doing a great job coaching! Who cares how big of a mess you are in the real world if your players admire and appreciate you? Some guys are hired to coach high school women's sports right after they graduate college, so there really isn't too wide of an age gap between them and the girls on their teams.

That's exactly what happened to this coach, and he felt super embarrassed when he had to reject one of his players' uncomfortable advances.

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Coaches spend most of their team telling their players the right way to excel in their respective sport, and you just have to assume that they themselves are capable of playing the way that they're telling you to play. Most coaches can Athlete hookup reality series on excel fact practice what they preach Hopefully none of them stumble onto this confession and realize that it may be about him, or his whole act will be ruined. Remember that gymnastics teacher who let her kids fall flat on their face every now and then so they wouldn't forget that gravity exists?

Well, we just found her new best friend.

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