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Her name is Devin Marie. She's an old friend of mine.

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And yes, shes that hot in real life too. Yup… Here's another hi-res shot from same session http: She told me it is the best place to meet black and white singles whoever you want. You wanna get laid tonight?

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Come in and give it a shot, you will find someone you like there. Black or white even interracial one.

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You may find me there! When people kept Funny pictures of sexy women "Patty Cake" it took me like 10 tries to realize that her fake, weird fetish-porno name is actually "Patty Cake" rather than it just being some new meme I didn't get. What video game is she playing?

Because i would whooop that fine ass silly in it. That's her foot on the right. BTW, if you're only thinking of playing video games with her, I've got some news for you….

Enter text right here! I want to rope swing in there like Tarzan and smack the hell out of that ass. That thing is all kinds of thick. Wow, you're full of all kinds of fail today. First, you fail to add the picture, then you post the wrong one!

Funny pictures of sexy women girl holding up a sign in some Euro area. Yes, yes she was… http: Long as they know their way around in bed, I'll do the damn cooking thank you very much.

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