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Can you date in the navy

Pron Pictures Can you date in the navy.

Filter Posts by Flair Click to switch to regular. Relationships as in sexual in the navy self. Just curious, what is the navy's view on relationships with the opposite sex while in the navy? I know that between people you work with, is probably looked down upon, but what about with people you meet? Is it hard to do?

Does it work out? If so, then yes. Youre allowed to have sex and form relationships with whomever you want as long as it doesnt directly put you in a a position with the possibility of an unfair advantage in a work setting read: If you want to have a girlfriend or boyfriend while youre serving, then by all means. Yes it can be tough, but if you put in the effort it can work out. Youre going to be deployed for extended periods of time so you have to make sure that your relationship is strong enough to last that long.

As far as Fraternization goes: LPO, duty section leader, work center supervisor, etc. No more than 2 ranks up or down this isn't an official rule, but more of a guideline.

No chiefs with lower enlisted or officers. No officers with enlisted. Other than that, it's pretty much fair game. If you decide to date a person of the same rank from the shop down the p-way, you might get some funny looks, but there's nothing technically wrong with that. You can even get away with dating someone in your own work center, as long as they're not your supervisor or something.

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Is it a good idea? But is it prohibited? You're allowed to have relationships, of course. Just be smart about it. Use protection, birth control, etc.

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As whether it's difficult or will work out, that all depends on you and the person you're dating. Are they okay with deployments and not seeing you for long periods? Are they going to be unfaithful during those periods?