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Im looking for friends

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Hello friends, Myself DhruvHat and I'm from India, I'm an active Im looking for friends go game player since 3 months, this game is awesome but i have no friends with who i can exchange my gift, it would be awesome if you add me your friends, I will daily send you gifts. Here is my trainer code no "".

I am form Paris and I'm also looking for friends all over the world! I'm playing Blue and my code is Thank you very much for your friendship!

I Now have a lot!! Thank you all, you're great!

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I'll try to level up the ones that I have before takin on new ones! Looking for friends in Asia or America.

Im from Amsterdam in The Netherlands Trainer code Please add me so we can exchange gifts. Cant send everyone gifts each day becouse its too much. Remove Ads and Support Us.

GamePress Looking for friends from all over the world! European here, looking to befriend people from all over the world! Asked by Makkaranakki 4 months ago.

FriendMatch is just what it...

Report Sign in to Answer or Ask a Question! Add me for daily gifts! I'm Maeve from Italy.

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